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24.02.2021 · Reinforcement learning promises to solve complex sequential-decision problems autonomously by specifying a high-level reward function only. However, reinforcement learning algorithms struggle when

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Cambridge University Undergradaute Research

Using this system, scientists can navigate published scientific literature and automatically generate hypotheses for their research in molecular biology or cancer. The system is based on state-of-the-art methods for natural language processing and machine learning and offers both an interactive web-based interface for users and a programmable API.

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What is a Data Warehouse? IBM

05.03.2020 · Understanding OLAP and OLTP in data warehouses. OLAP (for online analytical processing) is software for performing multidimensional analysis at high speeds on large volumes of data from unified, centralized data store, like a data warehouse.OLTP, or online transactional processing, enables the real-time execution of large numbers of database transactions by large numbers of people,

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About LibRaw LibRaw

These methods are inherited from the Dave Coffin's dcraw.c utility (see below the "Project history" section); their further development is not currently planned, because we do not consider production-quality rendering to be in the scope of LibRaw's functionality (the methods are retained for compatibility with prior versions and for rapid-fire testing of RAW support and other aspects).

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Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) Concepts

01.06.2020 · However, simplification based methods are, on average, much older than local explanations. As a final remark, none of the reviewed methods treating SVM explainability are dated beyond 2017, which might be due to the progressive proliferation of DL models in almost all disciplines. Another plausible reason is that these models are already

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Cell Fractionation and Organelle Isolation Thermo Fisher

Both methods use differential centrifugation to separate the mitochondrial and cytosolic fractions with a benchtop microcentrifuge and are completed in approximately 40 minutes (post-cell harvest). Once isolated, the mitochondria can be used in downstream applications such as apoptosis, signal transduction and metabolic studies, as well as to facilitate mitochondrial proteomics efforts.

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